A Letter to Educators
by Bob Whitehouse

January 1, 1997
Dear Educator,

You are invited to consider joining a pilot project with other teachers, professors, and administrators in the study of Arthur Young's Theory of Process and how it might be used in education. If you are interested in interdisciplinary studies, science of consciousness, developing human potentials, bridging the gap between disciplines, and helping define the new paradigm, this is a theory to know.

This is a PILOT PROJECT involving 4 weekends (one each in Feb., Mar., Apr., and Oct. 97) of study of Arthur Young's works and their meanings and applications, especially for use in education. There is NO COST for the instruction; there is a books and materials cost of around $125. As a participant you will be expected to DEVELOP teaching plans, materials &/or a course you could teach in a school or college. You will also be expected to TEACH your material and evaluate its effectiveness and impact . The Oct. meeting is for you to present to the other participants what you want to teach in your school or college.

WHAT IS THE THEORY OF PROCESS and where did it come from?
Arthur Young found a meeting ground between ancient wisdom and contemporary science with the quantum of action, or light, and its many secrets. He makes the case that light is the beginning, first cause, purpose, spirit, the firmament, and that it is mathematically equivalent in physics to what could be considered controlled force which he calls consciousness. He shows how light has rotational and reflexive qualities which are also equivalent to the Einstein-Eddington hypersphere and a known shape, the torus or doughnut shape with an infinitely small core which takes 7 colors or points linked or unfolded in a spiraling sequence to complete itself. Here the whole divides into parts and rotates as it unfolds to complete its cycle of evolution.
Here for the first time we have a scientific view of the equivalence of the beginning with the evolving universe and a map of the process and the characteristics of the 7 developmental stages occurring at any scale, from light through particles, atoms, molecules, plants, animals, and humans, or the 7 substages of individual growth, or of human history, or of the Periodic Table of Elements, etc. An astrophysicist recently commented that this truly is the only Theory of Everything (as the physicists refer to what they are in search of) as it is comprehensive and holds together. Physician Frank Barr says this is the most predictive theory there is (I won't be surprised if he wins a Nobel for his research on this theory in bioprocess). Every discipline and any subject matter should fit into this theory or be made more understandable by it.
When we understand this theory well, we not only bridge the gap between the academic disciplines, but we also have an understanding of the purpose of humankind, the purpose of the chaos we are going through at this time in history (at the 4th stage or turning point where we are 1/2 way through the 7 stage cycle). With such knowledge we can organize and understand our knowledge about other disciplines, solve or resolve many dilemmas and contribute wisely to our entry into the next century and help define and create the next paradigm which is showing signs of an impending birth.

Born in 1905, he was the first student in relativity theory at Princeton. With a mathematics degree he set out to make his mark in the practical matters of the world by seeking to invent something not yet perfected. He chose the helicopter as he reasoned it would take him 17 years to catch up with the engineers and inventors. He not only caught up, but developed numerous patents and created the Bell Helicopter 47, the first commercially licensed helicopter. He once commented to me that it was simply a practical exercise in dealing with the two circularities of the universe (the 2 perpendicular circles of the torus and of any magnetic field). He then returned to his greater passion of understanding the workings of the universe. Of his many writings, he is probably best known for , The Reflexive Universe, The Geometry of Meaning, Mathematics, Physics and Reality, The Bell Notes, and Which Way Out. He passed on May 30, 1995 leaving his wife Ruth and us to carry on his works. He wanted wider scientific acceptance for his findings and for his works to be more widely understood and taught.

I am an emeritus professor of psychology who taught Young's theory integrated with Ken Wilber's and Jean Houston's for several years on campus, before going into private practice as a clinical psychologist specializing in biofeedback for chronic pain and peak performance. Since first encountering Young's theory in 1979, it has been my professional passion to study it, apply it, and teach it. I am currently writing a book about it for the public and will be writing the study guide for this pilot project. I give seminars on it and hope to move full time into teaching it wherever I am called. I am not the brilliant scholar like Arthur and his closest colleagues. I am primarily one who translates what I understand into simpler terms and applications. I have taught overviews of this to thousands and find very high interest wherever I speak.

JACK ENGSTROM has graciously agreed to help teach the first two weekends. He is the mathematician and chemist who was the first to teach Young's works at the Institute and is on its Board of Directors. He is currently writing a book on G. Spencer Brown's and Arthur Young's works. Others, when available, will help teach as well.

If interested in being a participant, write me a letter in which you :
1. indicate your interest, why you are interested, and how and where you may want to teach about it. Be
sure to mention your field of work and what beliefs and biases you bring to the study of this theory.
2. indicate whether or not you are already familiar with Young's theory and if so, how well.
3. include a Vita or resume, including where you now teach.
4. indicate if you will want CEUs for this study and from which institution you want or need it.
I will followup your letter with a telephone interview, so please list when are the best times and places to reach you.

Feb 22-23 will be the FIRST WEEKEND. We meet at the Young's Berkeley home which is also the Institute for the Study of Consciousness, 2924 Benvenue Ave. We will give an EXTENSIVE OVERVIEW of TOP including some video footage. The study guide and any of the books and materials you do not already have may then be purchased. Reading assignments will be given to go with the study guide. A deep understanding of the theory will be necessary prior to future discussions and developing your teaching materials over the next few months, so the readings are a must., as is some form of journaling As this commences the journey of our studying together, all participants will be introduced. TOP will be presented as the leading candidate for the long-sought metaparadigm which extends Newtonian-Einsteinian thinking and reconciles it with the findings in quantum physics and with philosophies and religions. It is the first truly integrative interdisciplinary theory which is based in science and ancient wisdom and shows the place of humankind in evolution's spectrum of development.

The SECOND WEEKEND Mar. 8-9 will be focused on IN DEPTH DISCUSSION AND FURTHER EXPLORATION OF TOP MATERIALS. Discussion headings may be grouped around major categories or disciplines of information such as philosophical considerations, world religions, ancient teachings, relativity and quantum theories, conceptions of consciousness and of the singularity, God, the void, human development, biology, creativity, intuition, cosmology, psychology, mythology, etc. Implications will be explored. Experiential exercises may be utilized, and guest speakers will be invited. Contrasting theories can be presented. By the end of this weekend participants are to identify an area in which they are interested in developing teaching materials.

The THIRD WEEKEND, Apr. 26-27 will be presentation and further discussion of TOP-related materials, and BEGINNING DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHING MATERIALS. Some time will be devoted to writing and sharing the curriculum and/or content and process you plan to implem
ent within your educational setting.

The FOURTH WEEKEND will be in OCT as a six month FOLLOWUP weekend and reunion. All will present their curriculum proposals and process for implementation and/or give sample lecture/demonstrations. Work will be critiqued and teaching tips will be shared. Suggestions will be gathered for the future teachings of teachers and for conferences.

I enthusiastically look forward to your letter of interest and hope you are available, and are picked to be one of these TOP pilot explorers.

Bob Whitehouse

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